How we see software outsourcing

Summary – from the perspective of an outsourcing company

What is the first thought that comes to your mind after hearing the word “outsourcing”? Is it positive or negative? Unfortunately, even though the idea of outsourcing projects to software houses has been present for quite some time, many entrepreneurs hesitate to try it. They’ve read too much about the risk that comes with it, the limitations considering time and money, how expensive it is. So why try it, right? What’s good comes with it for a business owner? But sometimes, this is how their business potential is hurt as they decide not to outsource the project. And then, a good idea for a digital product is put aside.

Why does outsourcing have such a reputation? It’s because of the misconceptions on the internet. I intend to talk about some outsourcing myths in today’s article and explain to you why they’re not real. I want to show you the right side of project outsourcing. How beneficial it can be for your business once you find a good outsourcing partner.

However, if you first want to know about the process’s initial steps, read our ebook. There, you can find the necessary information to have a promising start.

What are the most known outsourcing myths in the IT industry, and why are they misleading? How outsourcing affects a business and its employees? Let’s dive into the subject. Today, we’ll have some outsourcing myths debunked.

Outsourcing myth 1: You’re not going to be involved in the process

There’s this misconception that worries many companies and is why they won’t commit to outsourcing. Their concern is that once they give their idea to an outsourcing company, they’ll be cut off from the project until the very end, when they receive a final digital product. But that’s not necessarily true.

You’re not going to lose control over the project if you find the right outsourcing partner. Most software development companies will want to cooperate with you closely during the process. Thanks to this collaboration, you’ll be able to monitor the process and remain in constant contact with the team. All in all, it’s your product.

In some cases, when you take bigger companies as your outsourcing service providers, this may be true. But in this example, you agree on a slightly different service. Read our article Why size matters when finding a software development company? and find out more about the topic.

Outsourcing myth 2: There will be problems with communication

This one is closely related to the previous point – lack of cooperation leads to communication problems. It’s also connected with cultural differences. And, you probably worry about the language barrier and time-zone differences. While there are all relevant matters, the majority of outsourcing companies have it all figured out.

First of all, as for communication, it has never been easier. It all depends on your preferences. Nowadays, people appreciate how easy it is to stay in contact. Hence they like to use available tools to facilitate collaboration and have real-time communication.

Communications tools such as Google Meets and Slack channels are great for quick updates and regular feedback. Plus, there are always scheduled meetings with the team or product owner, usually every 1 or 2 weeks, to get a more wholesome view of the current situation. Thanks to this, everyone involved is on the same page. Moreover, there are also collaborations tools on which you can see the project’s progress. And, in case of any doubt, you can ask them about anything via email or if it’s a more significant issue, schedule a call.

As for time-zone, there are always ways to meeting in the overlapping hours of both teams. It’s not impossible.

Outsourcing myth 3: Your intellectual property will be at risk

Understandably, you worry about owing the intellectual property. However, if the software development company has a good reputation and sticks to the procedure, everything will be taken care of.


Outsourcing myth 4: Outsourcing is too expensive

And also, there’s a myth that this outsourcing model is reserved only to big companies, which is almost always the other way around. Small businesses, as well as major cooperations, can benefit from outsourcing the project. There’s no rule about it.

As for startups that start their journey on the market, they may be prone to long-term collaborations. So, they fit the scheme perfectly, as well, even if the budget is a little tight. Moreover, the outsourcing provider can propose validating the digital product’s idea to protect you from spending something on a product that won’t succeed. Thanks to building an MVP, you’re testing the concept with minimal expenses. 

Nowadays, software development companies adopt Agile methodology – so they value transparency, teamwork and flexibility. These 3 qualities also apply to the budget. Read our article about pricing models to know more about the subject of cost savings.

Outsourcing myth 5: You’ll get low-quality digital products from your outsourcing partner

There’s always this concern that your product won’t be as good as when you’d done it with an in-house team. However, the software quality doesn’t come from outsourcing itself but rather from the lack of expertise.

In a software development company, you collaborate with experienced professionals in what they do – not just in the technological aspect but also in business operations. Hence, they’ll be able to help you in this aspect too. Owing to this, you have a trusted team, and you work together towards a shared goal – the product’s success. And with that come high quality products. You just got to find the right software vendor for you. With that, you can even have remote teams, and it’ll work just as good.

In our blog post 3 steps to choosing a software development company, you’ll find out how to pick your partner.

Outsourcing myth 6: There will be delays

This misconception is probably related to communication and different time-zone issues. There’s always something to worry about when creating a digital product, but believe me that this risk is reduced to a bare minimum with the right team. As I said before, most software development companies use Agile methodology, which means Scrum’s planning, goal-setting, and teamwork. Thanks to these factors and in-depth research during product design, the team can plan the work. As a result, the risk of delays will be small, and you’ll be aware of everything that’s going on in the project.

How we see software outsourcing

At Gorrion, we work with entrepreneurs who want their companies to take advantage of technology. Our task is to look for the solutions you need and to help achieve your goals. We’re not just focusing on the idea but also on your industry and how the product can complement it.

Extensive research, product discovery workshop, along with internal and external tests, help us better understand your business. What’s more, we value close collaboration from the very beginning. That’s why the whole team is engaged in the project from the very first meeting. Because of this, these experts will be able to help you along the way by providing more suitable solutions and improve the user experience. And later, they’ll also be there for you when there is a need for application maintenance, scaling or further development and adding new features.

Moreover, we adopt the form and frequency of communication to you and your way of work. Thanks to the constant feedback, you know what is happening with their product at a given moment.

Summary – from the perspective of an outsourcing company

As you can see, common myths come from misconceptions about software development. While this process can bring value to businesses of any size if only done well and with the right outsourcing provider. Outsourcing a digital product to a trustworthy and reliable software partner helps your business grow and prosper. The team will be working with you on every step of the software creation and advise you on solutions that best fit your business.

Have an idea that you want to discuss? Book a meeting with Leo or send us a message. We’ll be happy to talk to you. Let’s get you started on this journey.

Editor’s note: We’ve originally published this post in February 2021 and updated it for comprehensiveness.


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