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How it started

As the company grows, one may turn to simple, effective and long-lasting solutions. That was the case with Spin Brands, the UK's #1 social media agency based in London. Two founders with one idea - to create a customer flow management system. They sought to optimize their internal organizational structure, building one app that would successfully replace others. Our task was to make it happen.

Crisis averted

Our clients were using too many various tools, which created chaos in the data and documents. They decided to put an end to it and organize it all. The time was limited, so we had to move fast. Started from scratch, we built an MVP which turned to a final product in the end.

The breakthrough

For our client, user experience was a priority. That's why we carried out usability tests on various stages of the project. We've performed them with the app's target users - the agency's teams. During the wireframe phase, the first experiments allowed us to adapt functionalities to users' needs. The subsequent testing was then carried out on a finished product and with the targeted audience - all of it to check whether the app was intuitive and user-friendly.


Let's see some numbers

  • 3

    months of product delivery

  • 2

    A two-day workshop in Gorrion's office

  • 2

    usability tests

  • 0

    bugs after launching


28 reviews

Gorrion is doing some great work. They helped us to grow from 50 to 350 clients

Paul Turner

Founder, DeepSync Labs

28 reviews

We trust them with our business and product.

Patrick Lynch

Founder & CEO, Bioledger

28 reviews

The project finished before the deadline. They were brilliant.

Alex Landowski

Operations Director, Medical Logistics

Mirrored reflection

During the cooperation, we discovered that our companies are similar in terms of mindsets and processes. Thanks to this, we could exchange some useful tips and observations. We started the project with a workshop and meeting after work. It helped us build a strong relationship and, as it later turned out, make the digital product flawless.

No bugs

We carried out one workshop and two tests - one after the wireframe stage and the other on the final product. Thanks to them, after releasing the app, there was no need for changes or alterations even after months of using it.


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