Savvy Quest

A way of learning that children like

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Project’s overview

Our client has created Savvy Ed course, which is a continuation of Teddy Eddie program. They are both licensed methods of learning English used by children in over 400 schools in Poland, Slovakia, and Czechia.

Learning through play

We designed and developed an app which allows children aged 7 to 10 can learn English efficiently, through play. It enables kids to learn by playing games, listening to audiobooks and reading books. The app is available only to students of schools that have joined Savvy Ed educational program.

The app helps to develop:

communication skills,

listening comprehension skills,



See the progress

The application has a separate module that allows parents to check the children's progress in games, information about grades and messages from teachers.

Core values

The application gives parents the ability to keep an eye on the children's progress with the use of a special panel.

It's an unconventional way of learning English, which children are more willing to use.

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