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According to mobile app market keeps growing – not just when it comes to personal apps, but business software as well. Mobile has become the go-to tool for many users, especially in younger generations. In order to stay on top of the game, you need to be where your users are – on mobile.

At Gorrion we use React Native to get you there by designing and developing cross-platform mobile applications that are easy to use and beautiful to look at.

This is how we do it

1. Workshops

It starts with product discovery workshops where we analyze your product. Based on user and business needs, we agree on what the product should be and come up with a list of its features. Then, together we decide which are obligatory for the MVP and make a plan for the release.

2. Version 1.0

Once we have a plan, it’s time to get to work! Our team (usually developers, designers, and a project manager) will work closely with you on creating a marketable product in record time. Don’t worry, the project manager will guide you through the process and you’ll have a final say over everything!

3. Release

When the MVP is ready, it goes out into the world. We’re there to support you in that process – whether it means helping to get your mobile app in the stores or fixing minor issues that might pop up. But our work is not done yet!

4. Feedback loop

Putting your product out there gives you an amazing opportunity to gather feedback from the market and make improvements! We’ll help you monitor your app’s performance, analyze the results, and suggest what next steps you should take to satisfy the market.

5. Back to work!

Whether you want to polish your MVP based on user feedback, or go on straight to developing a full-scale product, we’re ready to get to work – our team is there to help you!

Stuck on any of these steps?

We’re experts in mobile app development and can help you throughout the entire process, whether it’s ideation, design, development, testing, or release.

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Why React Native?
Cross-platform development
React Native allows us build a single code-base for both for Android and iOS. This significantly reduces development time and effort compared to building two apps native to both platforms.
Near-native performance
Don’t worry that your app will be worse for not being native. React Native still uses some of the modules and components, combining the best of both worlds, which results in near-native performance.
Reusable solutions
Because of its large community, React Native provides a lot of reusable components and libraries which can significantly reduce the time and effort needed to develop the app.
Third-party integrations
React Native offers a large variety of third-party plugins and libraries that we can integrate with your app, saving you and us time on adding specific functionalities.

Meet our mobile developers

Aleksandra Szpila

Aleksandra Szpila

Software developer since 2016 with almost 5 years of experience in creating multi-platform mobile applications. Interested in Agile management methods, in love with Italy and Danish design.
Maciej Zajęcki

Maciej Zajęcki

Fullstack developer who, after testing many languages and technologies, settled on mobile (though he occasionally supports colleagues from web dev team as well 😉). After work, he's a long time tennis player and total cat lover.

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