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Deciding on software architecture is one of the earliest yet most critical choices you have to make about your software. But how do you know if you should choose cloud-based or on-premise servers? That’s why you need trusted developers by your side who have experience with both cloud architecture services and on-prem deployment.

Why choose cloud
Flexible pricing
Cloud hosting offers much more flexibility in terms of pricing than hosting on your own servers. That’s predominantly because you pay as you go, so your costs will only grow if your customer base grows as well.
Ready-made solutions
Platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer not just cloud computing, they’re a one-stop-shop for engineers, offering a variety of tools and services. Using these ready-made solutions, instead of developing them from scratch, translates into faster and less expensive development for you.
Less responsibility for you
Cloud solutions also come with built-in scalability, security, and SLAs for reliability, recovery, and fault protection. These things would normally be impossible to achieve and sustain without a large team of developers and, consequently, excessive costs.

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We’re experts in cloud architecture services and can help you define your strategy, develop cloud-based or serverless solutions from ground up or migrate to cloud, and optimize costs.

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The right team should

Know which architecture is right for you

The right team, after analyzing your case, will know whether cloud architecture is the most effective and cost-efficient solution for your project and what tools and services to use.

Have experience with cloud architecture

Experience with cloud architecture services is invaluable here. An experienced team will know which tools and services are the best, what to look out for, and how best to optimize development costs.

Work with scalability in mind

The choice of architecture isn’t a one-and-done thing. As your app grows, the architecture will need to be scaled accordingly. Your team should plan for this early in development.

What to consider

When deciding whether to build your architecture in the cloud, on-premise, or using a hybrid model, here’s what you need to consider.

Overall costs

It’s generally true that for small applications it makes financial sense to use cloud services and “outsource” a lot of the expenses. It is equally true that, at some point of growth, these outsourcing expenses may become untenable, so you should design your architecture with that in mind and make the switch when needed.

overall costs

Data bandwidth

Bandwidth is probably the most expensive factor when it comes to cloud solutions. When you develop data-intensive applications, such as video streaming services, using your own architecture may make financial sense.

data bandwidth


While cloud service providers ensure high degrees of security, in some industries – like healthcare or finance – it’s still not worth the risk. If you offer software like this, you should consider keeping the most sensitive data on-premise.


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