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Beyond just a pretty website

In the age of software-as-a-service (SaaS), web development services are no longer just about designing pretty websites or functional e-commerce sites. Since software increasingly needs to be accessible not just on desktop but in the browser, how it looks and performs there, will determine its success.

At Gorrion we use state-of-the-art and future-proof solutions (React, Next.js, Node.js) to design, build, scale, and maintain web applications that both you and your clients will love from day one.

Our full stack of possibilities

Backend development

Cloud development and optimization

Data scraping

Identity access management


Low code


Frontend development

Web interfaces

Third-party integrations

Browser compatibility





Responsive design








Performance optimization

Need help with any of these services?

We’re experts in backend development and can help you develop serverful or serverless applications, manage databases, optimize cache and cloud costs, as well as maintain backend security.

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Why work with us?
With over 14 years on the market and 40+ experts on board, we have the experience needed to guide you through the web development process from first line of code to release.
Custom development
Cookie-cutter solutions are great for small and generic projects, but that’s not you, right? It isn’t us, either! We love to work on exciting and challenging projects that require a customized approach.
We believe in our clients’ success which is why we always develop software with scalability in mind. You don’t have to worry about rewriting the code when you grow – we’ve taken care of it!
Making sure your web app is secure is always our top priority. Our security experts keep up to date with latest developments in the field to make sure you’re always protected.
Whether it’s GDPA in Europe or HIPAA in the US, we know all the compliance requirements your web app needs to meet, and we’re aligned with all regulations and industry standards.
Need to integrate with third-party services, like payment systems, CRMs, or analytical tools? We’ve got all that under control and can ensure seamless integration with all of them.
User experience
Web development is not just about the code, the design is equally as important. That’s why our developers work hand in hand with UX designers to create superior user experience.
When the web development is done, then what? Well, with Gorrion you can count on training and our support, as well as bug fixes if needed, so that you can feel confident in the final product.
To make smart business decisions, you need to rely on data. When developing web services, we make sure you have adequate observability and monitoring opportunities to make informed choices.

Ready to take care of your backend?

Tell us about your software and we’ll use our experience to come up with the most effective, secure, and scalable solutions.

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