Long-term app maintenance

The work is never actually done!

Your product is never “finished” until it reaches its end-of-life. You may not be implementing any new features anymore, but as long as your software is being used and therefore vulnerable to security exploits, changes will be inevitable. That’s why you must take care of long-term app maintenance – fixing bugs, running updates, and even scaling your software – to maintain superior user experience.

Here’s how we can help
Monitoring and analytics
First things first – your software needs regular monitoring so that you can be sure everything’s working smoothly. Using monitoring tools like Sentry and analytics tools like HotJar, we check for errors, performance issues, or even rage clicks! All in an effort to fix what’s broken and ensure your app runs smoothly.
Monitoring can only give you so much information, though. That’s why we go a step further and don’t neglect observability of your app and infrastructure either. While monitoring alerts you to what’s wrong, observability lets you keep your finger on the pulse by analyzing different data outputs and proactively making changes and improvements where needed.
Dependencies and updates
Your application probably runs on a number of components, such as libraries, which we identify as “dependencies.” Any changes to these components, such as switching to a new version for security reasons, may affect your software and result in conflicts or errors. That’s why monitoring, updates, and keeping your software compatible with these dependencies, are all an intrinsic part of long term app maintenance.
Internal support
What happens when your first line of support doesn’t know how to help your clients? You reach out to the second line of support – us! A part of long-term app maintenance is supporting your team when random issues and errors pop up that you can’t fix on your own. We’ll investigate and propose solutions to keep your customers happy.

Having issues with any of these?

We’re experts in long-term application maintenance and can help you monitor, update, and keep your software relevant.

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