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Diagnomatic provides life-changing solutions that improve the quality of the medical device industry and allow patients and healthcare professionals to benefit from precise diagnostics. Diagnomatic produces software for quality control of imaging devices which play a a very practical, yet crucial role in the healthcare industry. Without imaging, it would be impossible to accurately diagnose and therefore treat patients.

We’ve been with Diagnomatic on their important mission for over a decade, helping them create and then transform their product.

How does Diagnomatic make the world better?

There is no doubt that the invention of radiology changed the way we practice medicine forever. But we’ve gone a long way since the discovery of X-rays in 1895. Now, we can see not only broken bones, but even microscopic tumors. And while diagnostic devices are becoming better and better, they’re also increasingly more complex and dependent on computer technologies.

This is why it’s so crucial to ensure they are properly calibrated and have undergone quality control. It can literally make the difference between life and death. That’s where Diagnomatic steps in. The company offers cloud-based software that allows healthcare providers to test and calibrate devices such as X-ray machines, CT, PET, and MRI scanners, and others.

The process is deceptively simple. In simplified terms, the healthcare provider scans a phantom (a test object) in the machine. The software then calculates if the machine is calibrated properly by comparing the scan results to known information about the phantom (e.g. the size of its parts, pixels per inch, brightness etc.).

And how does Gorrion help?

While the process sounds simple, you can imagine that it’s not that easy to analyze radiographs and it takes quite sophisticated software to do it properly. And that’s where Gorrion comes in – we didn’t just build the platform that healthcare providers use to check the test results. Together with Diagnomatic and expert physicists, we developed the algorithms used to analyze the images as well.

Over the decade, we’ve been Diagnomatic’s partner in all things technical – from developing the software, through maintenance, to relaunch, we’ve done it all.


Diagnomatic has been our partner for 11 years and counting.



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Diagnomatic desktop app

Project highlights

Move to the cloud

Initially the Pro-control software was distributed as a desktop application with all data stored and processes run locally on a computer. However, this posed several problems. Firstly, it required manual action from the users every time we updated the software, which was inconvenient for them. Secondly, with the advancements in imaging technologies and the algorithms, the process required more and more computational power.

Eventually, the company decided to move the software to the cloud and migrate users an online application available on web and mobile. Gorrion was responsible for designing, developing, and deploying the new Diagnomatic app.

Red Dot Award

The transition was a perfect opportunity to redesign the whole product. After almost a decade, we had good understanding of how the process looks and how the app is used in real life. We also had access to customers whom we could interview and gather feedback from. Finally, the use of newer technologies also equipped us with a wider tool belt to improve the app’s user interface and user experience.

This allowed us to create new, more intuitive flows and introduce a more modern design to the app. And what a design it was…! Suffice to say, in 2021 it landed Diagnomatic a Red Dot Award – a “design Oscar” – in the Brands & Communication Design category.

Continued support

In an industry like healthcare reliability plays a crucial role. One mistake can have severe consequences. When it comes to quality control of diagnostic devices, the stakes are twice as high. This is why our partnership with Diagnomatic didn’t end once the product was released. We provide continued technical support for the company (such as critical fixes) and the users that report issues, to ensure reliability and high quality.

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