Product design sprint

From an idea to a solution - fast

Between research, development, and testing, coming up a minimum viable product (MVP) can take weeks, if not months. How do you cut down on that time?

Product design sprint is a series of workshops that help the team rapidly come up with ideas for your product and then test them over the course of a few days. By gathering all the stakeholders in one place for a limited time, you create a space to explore ideas while simultaneously encouraging them to iterate as fast as possible to find the best solutions.

Why should you try a product design sprint?

Fast tangible results

The main goal of having a product design sprint is to produce tangible results. Within as little as one week, you can have your entire project plan, proof of concept, and a tested prototype – something that takes some companies months to complete!

Even faster decision making

The only way to get to these quick results is to make decisions faster. But don’t worry – it doesn’t mean they are made at random! Thanks to rapid testing and prototyping, you can get actual feedback on what works and what doesn’t, which will help you make informed decisions.

Team alignment

Yes, product design sprints involve a lot of people, so it might seem like a big time investment. But, paradoxically, they’re actually more time-efficient! Getting everyone involved means everyone’s informed and on board right from the beginning, saving you time on getting approvals down the line.


Going through the entire process of ideation and conceptualization can be time-consuming, even if the final product is just an MVP. Product design sprint is a way to turbo-boost that process, saving you time and – consequently – money as well.

Reduced risks

It happens all the time – companies cut corners to save a buck and the product flops. Product design sprint is a compromise between saving on time and assessing the risks. Since your team gets to test their ideas and get feedback, there’s a much lower chance that something will go wrong down the line.

Ideas for later

Even if you decide some ideas are too wild or not high enough on your priority list, you can still keep them in your pocket. Product design sprint is a great way to generate many ideas – perhaps too many, but that gives you the opportunity to chose and to have a plan for the future.

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How we approach product design sprint

1. Defining objectives

We start by understanding your project's objectives, goals, and target audience. This allows us to prepare a perfect plan for the workshops aimed to uncover and systematize information. We also take into account whether the workshops will take place online or offline and plan accordingly.

2. Assembling the team

Our team of experienced designers, developers, and product managers, collaborates with your stakeholders to ensure a successful sprint. No matter their role, we want every participant to have a say in every step of the process, so they can pitch in their ideas and provide different points of view.

3. Running workshops

Over the course of a few days, we conduct an intensive workshop that includes ideation, sketching, prototyping, and user testing. We've got experience with differently-sized teams and projects at various stages of maturity, so we're flexible with our approach to best suit your needs.

4. Rapid prototyping

Depending on how much time there is, we either create interactive prototypes or dabble in some live design together, where one of our designers sketches some of the app views and everyone else can participate. Both methods allow you to visualize your product’s user interface and experience.

5. Actionable roadmap

You receive an actionable roadmap and strategy, based on the insights and results of the sprint. Regardless of whether you decide to move forward with us (which most companies do!), alone, or with some other team, these will serve you in future planning and execution.

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