Biofuel compliance made simple

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Creating complex systems with many stages of production, various suppliers, and intermediaries isn’t the easiest task. In fact, because of their difficulty, many things may go wrong, including the lack of transparency.

So how to make such a system clear and simple for all its users? And what if we have a solution, but it doesn’t work as it should, and it needs new functionalities to be competitive. What does such a process look like?

In this case study, you’ll find just such a process on the example of one of our clients, Bioledger.

About Bioledger

Founded by Patrick Lynch in 2019, Bioledger seeks to facilitate biofuels compliance and create more transparent supply chains. No more fraud or non-compliance when it comes to the sustainable biofuel market. Instead, Bioledger offers complete audit standards for renewable bioliquids and commodities. 


25 reviews

Gorrion is doing some great work. They helped us to grow from 50 to 350 clients

Paul Turner

Founder, DeepSync Labs

25 reviews

We trust them with our business and product.

Patrick Lynch

Founder & CEO, Bioledger

What we started with

Our collaboration started in August 2021 when our client came to us with MVP done by another company. They wanted to transform the basic product into a production-level application (both web and mobile).

At first, we performed an audit to analyze the architecture and code of the app. After that, we recommended refactoring of the app's architecture and some more development work.

In the first month or two, we were working together with the other team. However, they worked much differently from us, which was challenging. They had no Agile approach, which meant no 2-week Sprints, plannings, or retros. After their contract ended, we could start working our way. 


Our process

We implemented our Agile work routine, and now we are even using Planning Poker app, which is our internal project, for the planning sessions. So, in short, we plan, design, develop, test it end-to-end, and iterate.

During the initial stages of our cooperation, we also updated the security protocols and created a roadmap with all the necessary features that had to be developed before the refactoring process.

Only trusted solutions

Once we've done that, we moved on to rewriting the app from scratch. For that, we used only trusted solutions. So proven technology stack and tested libraries - no surprises here.

Testing is crucial 

Due to the nature of the project, we have maximized the test coverage. Everything is tested here. Code quality is crucial for us. 

These tests significantly speed up the work later - there are fewer fixes because we know from the stage of moving the task to the review whether the tests fail or not - it’s that easy.

User-centric approach

Moreover, we’re working on an existing product, so catering to users’ needs is the top priority here. Therefore, as we're going through the app, we also improve or add new modules or features based on the users' feedback. Thanks to this, the app brings even more value to its target audience.

Develop the product instead of fixing bugs

Looking back at the project, there’s a massive progress in how the app works, from spending almost every day fixing bugs to changing something at the client's request due to the logic and not because it needs debugging.

That's a huge step in a project. We were able to eliminate nearly all technical fixes in the app.

What’s next?

As we said before, the process is still ongoing. We constantly test, measure and improve to make the application more accurate and intuitive.

But one thing is sure - Bioledger's mission is to make sustainability compliance simple, secure, and transparent. And they definitely intend to live up to that promise. 


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