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In 2024 IoT solutions aren't a "cutting edge" or "avant-garde" anymore. Companies that invest in IoT aren't "spearheading" anything, anymore. In many industries IoT has become a natural progression, and in some – a veritable necessity.

That's why it's crucial for businesses to develop secure IoT solutions fast and be ready to scale up from day one. To succeed, you need reliable, experienced partners that can join the project immediately and deliver spectacular results quickly – like Gorrion.

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Our IoT development services

Device and connectivity management

Connectivity and management pose one of the biggest challenges of IoT. After all, we’re usually talking about hundreds and thousands of devices, often with heavy limits on memory and battery life. This requires not only knowledge of the right technologies and protocols, but also sound application logic – in short, expert knowledge that we possess!

Data visualization and analytics

The power of IoT lies in numbers – with advanced telemetry, IoT devices collect tons of useful data. But for many companies this creates more problems than opportunities – now they have to store the data without actually knowing what to do with it. Gorrion can help you collect, organize, visualize, and analyze your data so that it gives you actionable insights into your business.

AI/ML integrations

Employing machine learning and later artificial intelligence in your IoT software is a natural next step towards creating even better solutions. Whether you want to use it for predictive maintenance, pattern recognition, personalization, natural language processing, or adaptive learning – we’ll help you seamlessly integrate ML and AI into your software.

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We’re experts in delivering IoT development services and can help you securely connect and manage your IoT devices, visualize and analyze collected data, as well as integrate your solutions with AI/ML.

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