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Just because they can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there

We know from experience that barely anyone but software developers pays attention to the backend, just because it's hidden. Software users often don’t even realize what it is, our clients often don’t know how it works, so they can’t really evaluate it.

Yet backend – the server-side where data processing, storage, and management take place – is the backbone of all software and it can literally make it or break it. That’s why it’s so important to trust your backend team that they know what they’re doing. We certainly do!

Our backend services

Serverful and serverless applications

Need a solution that’s affordable, scalable, and time-efficient? Go serverless. Need control and unlimited access to your data? Go serverful. Don’t know what architecture to choose? We’ll tell you! Gorrion has over 15 years of experience developing both serverful and serverless applications, transitioning, and scaling them to our clients’ needs.

Database management

We can design your database; model, organize, and validate the data; ensure data security and recovery; and maintain, migrate, or upgrade the database. What database, you ask? No matter, we have experience with building, maintaining, and migrating both relational and noSQL/document databases.

Cache optimization

Having issues with latency, system responsiveness, or overall user experience? It’s time to take care of your cache – a fast-access memory that temporarily stores frequently used data or computed results. Optimizing cache greatly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your application.

Software security

When developing software, we always set the highest standards to protect the server-side components, databases, and APIs that handle data, business logic, and server operations. We keep up to date with latest security trends and best practices to keep your business always secure.

Cloud cost optimization

Are you struggling with high AWS cloud costs? We’ve been there, but now we have plenty of tricks up our sleeve to maximize the performance and efficiency of your cloud infrastructure while maintaining low costs! See how we can maximize the use of your resources and improve user experience while lowering your expenses.

Data scraping and processing

Whether you need to retrieve data without an API or create a database from non-standardized open-source data, you need an effective solution for data processing. Here’s where our team comes in to extract, collect, store, and process your data from whatever source you need.

Need help with any of these services?

We’re experts in backend development and can help you develop serverful or serverless applications, manage databases, optimize cache and cloud costs, as well as maintain backend security.

Tell me how!
Why work with us?
If you’re looking to build and maintain software applications, here’s why you should consider our backend development services.
Years of dedicated experience
We specialize in building robust, efficient, and scalable server-side solutions. We have in-depth knowledge of the best architectures, frameworks, and technologies used for backend development.
Whatever services you need – database design, custom APIs, third-party integrations – we’ve done them all. And we can adjust the size and the structure of our team to match your needs perfectly.
Saved costs and time
Outsourcing backend development to a team of experts is more time- and cost-effective than hiring and training an in-house development team and allows you to focus on your core business instead.
Quality assurance
Our code is always peer-reviewed and subject to quality assurance by a dedicated QA Specialist. We maintain the highest coding standards and conduct thorough testing to ensure our infrastructure is reliable and secure.
We’re sure of your success, which is why we design all systems with in-built scalability. Regardless of how much your traffic grows, the backend is ready to handle more traffic and data without any major overhauls.
The best performance
We always optimize the code and data-bases to make sure the data is processed as fast as possible and to decrease the response time, as it improves user experience.
Our work doesn’t stop once the app is released. We take care of server monitoring and management to ensure high uptime, handle routine maintenance, updates, and other upkeep.
Though our experience we’ve learned all the compliance requirements your software needs to meet – whether it’s GDPA in Europe or HIPAA in the US, we’re compliant with regulations and industry standards.

This is us – meet our backend developers

Kamil Lewandowski

Kamil Lewandowski

Backend developer with 6+ years of experience. Professionally interested in DevOps, security, and cloud. Privately, very curious about the world; likes books and unusual sports.
Piotr Lubszczyk

Piotr Lubszczyk

Fullstack developer who, besides programming, loves visiting new places and mountain biking.

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