First user research, then user testing

Gorrion’s “secret formula” to developing products that people love!

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You may love your product concept, but will the users love it as well? At Gorrion we’re all about user-driven development, which is why user research and user testing are crucial for us at the ideation stage and beyond.

User research allows you to refine your concept to better match people’s needs even before you start development. User testing lets you continuously verify your assumptions, even at the earliest stages of development such as prototyping, so that you can always be sure you’re creating something that they will love.


Here’s what user research and testing can help you with

Creating user personas

These fictional representations of your ideal customer serve as a guiding light throughout the design and development process, but also inform your business strategy further down the line. Through interviews, surveys, and workshops you gather data to make these profiles accurate and representative of your actual clients.

Shaping early-stage development

Before you get down to sketching designs and writing code, you should identify user needs, pain points, and expectations. Trust us, it can upturn your entire product strategy before you even have a product! But at the minimum, it will help you create a roadmap of the most important features you should focus on at the start.

Challenging assumptions

We all make assumptions, especially in business, because we need some foundations on which to make our decisions. But what if instead of a hunch you could have stone cold data and certainty about what your clients want? There’s only one way to do that – test, test, test!

Improving user experience

Something’s not quite right, but you don’t know what? It may very well be dissatisfaction with user experience. By observing users, conducting usability tests, and analyzing feedback, you can identify pain points, usability issues, and areas for improvement that will help you more satisfying and intuitive user experience.

Need help in any of these areas?

We’re experts in user research and testing and can help you collect user insights, analyze them, and turn them into actionable steps that will make your product even better.

Show me how!

Why leave user research and testing to us?

We know what we’re doing

Trust the experience of our UX designers who have dozens of projects under their belts. They know what to ask and who has the answers, so they can recommend the best tools and methodologies to get the most insights.

We’ve got the tools

Knowing whom and what to ask is one thing, having the tools to do it is another. Instead of combing through infinite software choices and paying expensive subscriptions, trust the tools that we use on everyday basis for best results!


We can interpret the answers

Qualitative research, which is often involved in user research and testing, is tricky because it can easily be misinterpreted. With our experience in software design and development, we can translate the findings into actionable steps for you.

We can interpret the answers

We offer our perspective

We do love your product but we could never be possibly as invested in it as you. And that’s a good thing! Having some distance means we can offer honest and unbiased feedback on what could be improved.

We have the time

Conducting user research and testing and gathering sizeable enough data takes time, and a lot of it! Consider if you have the resources to do it yourself, or if you’d rather focus on your core business and leave the fieldwork to us.

This is how we do it!

From the ground up

If you don’t have an existing product, we start with project workshops where we learn as much as we can about your product, provide our perspective, build a proto-persona and early user journeys.

Then we analyze the competition, conduct user interviews, build and test prototypes to capture as much missing information as possible from different sources.

Based on that comprehensive data, we go over our earlier work and check our assumptions, delivering verified personas and user journey maps that you can use not just in development, but also marketing and sales!

For existing projects

When you have an existing product, first we run a UX audit where we check the navigation, user flows, usability, information architecture, and more.

We also analyze data about real usage that’s already available from sources such as Hotjar or Google Analytics.

Finally, we look at the competitors, interview customers, and even test the solutions on ourselves, to have a full picture.

As a result, we can provide you with insights on the product, pinpoint areas for improvement, and suggests solutions to your customers’ issues.

Ready to find out what the users love?

Tell us about your product and we’ll help you research your potential users, create buyer personas, challenge your assumptions, find user pain points, and plan user-centered improvements!

Sounds like a plan!

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