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Why React Native

React Native is a cross-platform JavaScript library for building native mobile apps. It allows the developers to create an application for various platforms with a single codebase. But it doesn’t mean you must compromise on the user experience here. 

What is React Native framework used for? Because of its nature, React Native is best for creating applications focusing on user interfaces since we can develop UI solutions for iOS and Android simultaneously.

The benefits of React Native

Faster development 

Thanks to React Native, a cross-platform solution, you can create mobile applications on both Android and iOS. It allows the team to create the product much faster and more efficient since they don’t have to build 2 separate codebases.

Also, the solution gives you an opportunity to adapt the user interface to what a particular platform needs.  

Reduced development cost

With React Native app development, you get to build a solution for more than one platform. Thanks to this, you save money and time that can now be spent on something else.

More users involved

Because you develop React native apps for both iOS and Android simultaneously, you get to expand your distribution. By building applications for both platforms, you become more available to your customers and hence, increase your brand awareness. Be where your users are. Don’t miss out on that chance. And React Native will allow you to do that.

Increased productivity  

JavaScript allows the developers to see their work immediately. That ensures high productivity as they can iterate in no time. 

Community driven

React Native is an open-source solution and is supported by individual developers and companies around the world. That means there are constantly new solutions and there are vulnerability checks, so everything is refined. This, in turn, leads to more options to choose from that can be later apply to projects.


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What is the difference between React and React Native?
React is a Javascript library that uses reusable components to create user interfaces and web apps. While React Native is a framework which allows building native cross-platform mobile applications.
Is React Native just for mobile?
No. Apart from mobile development, React Native can bez used to build desktop apps for Windows and macOS devices. All of it thanks to the Microsoft framework - React Native for Windows + macOS.
Learn more about React Native for web and when to choose cross-platform solution and when choose separate apps on Android and iOS from the article by Aleksandra Szpila, our software developer.

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