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Exceed user expectations. Build human-centered solutions and create an interactive experience with UX/UI design services. 

From a single idea through wireframes, mockups until full digital products. We develop custom solutions from scratch but also rebuild and redesign those that already exist but don't live up to their destiny.


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25 reviews

Gorrion is doing some great work. They helped us to grow from 50 to 350 clients

Paul Turner

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25 reviews

We trust them with our business and product.

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The project finished before the deadline. They were brilliant.

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We won Red Dot Award 2021 - Oscars in the design world!

In 2021 we won one of the most prestigious design prizes in the world - the Red Dot Award. Read more about the winning project and our experience in the article.

We won Red Dot Award 2021 - Oscars in the design world!

Product design process

final product
Kickoff meeting

At the first kickoff meeting our product team gets to learn more about your idea for the product. Then, they do preliminary research and prepare a couple of screens or mood boards to illustrate their product vision. Based on that, we discuss various suggestions and choose an approach that best reflects your vision.

Discovery workshops

As a part of our product development process, we like to carry out a discovery workshop to fully grasp your product idea. This step helps us define the scope of the project and come up with ideas.

The why and the how

During the discovery workshops we dig deeper into our initial user research. We carry out competitor analysis, figure out personas, work on user flows, generate product maps, and finally, brainstorm solutions and determine the features.

Thinking outside the box

During the workshop, we use various creative methods – such as creating a priority matrix, user stories, journey maps, card sorting and more – to help turn your idea into a real product.
Once the discovery workshop is done and everything is agreed, the product team will provide you with wireframes that will soon become a prototype.


Prototypes are a crucial part of product design, since they allow you to validate your idea with actual users during usability testing.
But what's a prototype? It's an interactive mockup of a solution with its basic features. A prototype shows the user flow and what the final solution may look like. It's the first tangible form of your product, and that's why it's perfect for testing the user experience.

Hungry for more?

Learn more about prototypes from the article How to make a digital product better using app prototyping.
When we have a prototype ready, it's time for the usability tests.

Usability testing

Usability testing allows the product designers to see how the users interact with the product, analyze user behaviors, and find out what the users expect. After that, they can gather user feedback and make necessary adjustments to the solution.

Coding time!

At this stage, we turn the prototype into the final product. Often we plan the screens and then design them one after another. Here we also collaborate more closely with the developers so that they can code our designs.

Some more testing

When we have the code, we repeat the tests – internal and external – to check the logic of the user flows, intuitiveness, contrast, and more.
After the tests and fixes, we get ready to create the final version of the solution.

How about Webflow?

PS. There's also a no-code option, thanks to Webflow. Learn about this design tool from the article by Tomasz Zielonka, our product designer: How can Webflow simplify creating a perfect website?

Our experience

Deep Sync Labs case study

Deep Sync Labs

The app redesign resulted in 150% more orders
Custom Software
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Spin Brands

World-class customer flow management system
Custom Web Platform
Flex Alert case study

Flex Alert

Helping 40 million people save energy with flex alerts
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