Node.js development services

Whether you’re a startup or a large organization; Node.js is the go-to choice for custom web app development.

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Gorrion is doing some great work. They helped us to grow from 50 to 350 clients

Paul Turner

Founder, DeepSync Labs

28 reviews

We trust them with our business and product.

Patrick Lynch

Founder & CEO, Bioledger

28 reviews

The project finished before the deadline. They were brilliant.

Alex Landowski

Operations Director, Medical Logistics

What’s so special in Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source backend JavaScript runtime environment. It’s fast with great performance while remaining lightweight, thanks to using an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model.

Node.js, developers can write both the backend and frontend of the app in JavaScript.

That’s why Node.js is a great option for web and mobile applications, including real-time apps, chat or collaborationones, publishing platforms, transport companies apps, or e-commerce.

The benefits of Node.js development

Fast & lightweight app

Time. This is the key term for custom web applications. Because once you have an idea for a digital product, you should act as fast as possible to be ahead of your competitors.

And with Node.js and its asynchronous nature, it’s more than possible.

Community support

Let’s not forget about the vast community of users. Thanks to them, there are tons of open-source guidelines, solutions, and free tutorials for developers. Because of this, Node.js technology is constantly being improved, which means faster development and improved team productivity. 


Node.js technology is a solid choice for developing an MVP, but it’s also a preferred technology for growing the product. 

Learn more about minimum viable product and why it's a great option at the beginning of your software development journey. 

High performance

Node.js provides a fast response to your app, thanks to its single-threaded event-loop model. In other words, it can handle huge user loads at once.

Our experience with Node.js development

Diagnomatic case study


Navigating healthcare industry together for 10+ years
IQ Wear case study

IQ Wear

Smart workwear that can save lives
Deep Sync Labs case study

Deep Sync Labs

The app redesign resulted in 150% more orders
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Is Node.js technology good for e-commerce?
Yes! As we wrote before, Node.js is a great choice for e-commerce applications. It can handle multiple users simultaneously, it’s scalable and fast while remaining lightweight.
Is Node.js better than Python?
Node.js is definitely faster than Python thanks to Javascript. But in reality, it all goes down to the business need. Node.js is great for cross-platform development, while Python is a standard in AI and machine learning.
What are some challenges with maintaining Node.js built apps?
Although Node.js has many benefits, there are also some challenges when it comes to maintenance
First of all, extensive stack that calls for individual approach and Node.js experts since there are no official guidelines as to how the code should be written.
Another challenge is technical debt. Even though, Node.js has a great community of developers, there are no set good practices which may be hard dor someone who's just getting started with Node.js technology.

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