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Boost the app's performance & maximize your data storage capacity with cloud-based solutions.

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Why cloud-based solution?

A cloud-based application is an app that runs in a cloud environment. The users can interact with it through web browsers or mobile apps, while all the data processing takes place on the server side (which means it will not influence the app's performance) with an API.

Examples of cloud-based applications include Google Drive, Canva, Miro, and many more.

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The advantages of cloud services

Reduced development time and cost

In cloud-based app development, the features can be released gradually and iteratively. This translates to lower costs and reduced time of development.

A large number of "ready-to-use" tools & resources

By that, we mean the tools that are super easy to configure and integrate with other parts of the cloud provider. Plus, cloud providers give their users innovative resources to use and get a competitive advantage in the market.

Improved scalability 

Cloud storage is easy to enlarge. That's why so many businesses decide on cloud-based services. In other words, your system grows along with your business.
Plus, not only storage can be scaled, but also computing power. This means cloud solutions are ready for application growth and even sudden surges in popularity.

3 major cloud-based app development solutions

SaaS, Software as a Service

SaaS is the most well-known type of cloud-based solution. It allows you to create products that sell to large groups of people, without additional large workloads, making them ideal for scaling your business. SaaS examples include Google Drive.

IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS is a cloud computing service with a digital infrastructure incorporating computing, security, storage, and networking tools.
It provides the base for the customized solution (internal infrastructure), but it requires building a connection between the app and its operating system. One of the IaaS examples is Amazon Web Services (AWS).

PaaS, Platform as a Service

PaaS solutions offer hardware and basic software to build apps. Also, the software is constantly updated so the users can access the latest version.
The users of PaaS are usually developers who, thanks to cloud technology, don't have to start the development process from the beginning. The PaaS examples include Apache Stratos or OpenShift.

Plus, not only storage can be scaled, but also computing power. This means cloud solutions are ready for application growth and even sudden surges in popularity.


Get your cloud app done

Make the most of the technology and create your cloud-based solution with us. As we have developers with AWS certifications who can show you how cloud-based solutions can be applied to your business

We are a software agency with 15 years of experience and 200+ successfully completed, ambitious projects. Visionary CEOs and CTOs together with our world-class expert teams turn their vision into applications that improve people’s life worldwide. We will use cloud technology to develop a scalable solution that will grow with your business.


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What are cloud development platforms?
Cloud development platforms allow you to automate app deployment, manage resources and scale your solutions whenever you need it.
Popular cloud development platforms include Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure
What is the difference between web applications and cloud applications?
The architecture is the key difference between web-based and cloud-based app development
However, the choice between web and cloud applications depends on the business and its needs. Once a business starts to scale up, entrepreneurs have to make a choice - keep adding more hardware to the existing one or move to the cloud. With a cloud-based solution, you pay subscription free and can scale up on demand.