Make your application ready on time (or even faster)


This ebook is the ultimate guide for every CTO, Product Owner, or Project Manager looking for ways to learn about effective software development.

Get to know how to speed up custom software development without compromising quality. Because why would you?

This ebook isn't done "by pure chance". It's the result of over 10-year experience working in projects of various industries and sizes. It's the outcome of several Scrum sprints, discovery workshops, project roadmaps, and more. And as we gathered all that knowledge, we decided to come forward and share it with you.

You will learn

what impacts the rate of developing a digital product

how it's not only about the size of the team

why the initial phase is so important

how to preserve the code quality of the product

what is the tech tip that helped us boost the software development in no time

What's inside

With this ebook, you won't get all the information about project management in software development. Instead, you'll find selected insights about the most effective ways to cut software development time. Basically, it’s the effective project management 101.
But before we do that, first, you'll become familiar with the factors that influence the speed of building a digital product. All of it to better understand the process and get to the core of potential thieves of time in software development.


Find out what the process looks like and how to get prepared before it even starts.

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Gorrion is doing some great work. They helped us to grow from 50 to 350 clients

Paul Turner

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We trust them with our business and product.

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The project finished before the deadline. They were brilliant.

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We always felt that they were helpful and added value to what we wanted to do.

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Gorrion's team was very helpful, very friendly, and really enjoyable to work with.

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We are impressed by the fact that they perfectly understood our needs.

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Gorrion believes in our business and wants to be part of it. They see a much bigger future with us

Mark Aston

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